DOT Space Hero

Just a few days ago, our friends Carlos and Isaac from, released their first game DOT Space Hero on the holy iOS. They put their lives aside for over a year to make it happen, and it’s truly a game made with love!

009The illustrations are carefully handdrawn with a pure feeling and hard work! The story is there too, and you have the challenging gameplay. Personally, I have a hard time with these 2d scrolling shooters, but DOT is a strong character and I don’t just jump around and shoot stuff, I want to get that sweet stardust and find the bad guy!

Then they released it, and I was almost as nervous as they were ( I can’t imagine! ).. The dream that all that hard work, sacrifice and mindblowing drawing & coding would pay off is always there, and so is the reality. I followed the leaderboards after the launch and saw it rising, and I had to take the nr 1 place of course (but Carlos just beat me in that!) but when I asked them, the amount of players with the amount of sales didn’t match! I was mindfucked!

005For a game, with all that love put into and all that time, just hours after launch, it had been pirated by tons of sites! Even for iOS, that I thought was harder to pirate! Now I’m not anti-piracy at all, I do my sins also, but this was incredible. I can only wish them the best of luck out there, and that their game gets the reception it deserves, because it’s a fantastic little game and the price is already a robbery if you ask me!



So if you are into beautiful 2d shooters, and spacy stardust, support them! Being one of the people of the internet, one can only do what one can do, and often even a small thing can lead to two happy indie developers! DOT Space Hero

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