The work has begun!

Hello everyone and sorry for the late update!

After the indiegogo we have been getting things in order and ready for us to start developing the game, and we also needed a few days to rest our minds!

Now we are back in action and have already done many improvements, such as adding the localization feature to the game so you can expect the game to be translated into tons of languages now! Primary focus for the release is English, Spanish and German! French and Russian will also be targeted, that would be cool to have on release.

Oswald Asylum

You know the demo had one floor in the instutition? It will now have 3 floors! Originally we wanted to make it bigger, more alive and immersive but we didn’t have the resources. Now we can do it! The entire game will be how we wanted to make it from the beginning, and that means more to explore, to feel and a much wider experience in the story.
We have also made some really time-saving improvements to the engine, so the time saved will go into making this the best game we can for the release, someting we feel delivers what we want and no stress will alter the final product!

We have been discussing the story and puzzles a lot and taken into account all the feedback we had from the gamers, and feel like we can’t wait to show you the rest of the game! And there will be many easter eggs to be found 😉

The next achievement to unlock is to get Fran Bow on Steam with Greenlight! So help us out by voting and sharing <3

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