Candy Puppet Saga released!


Candy Puppet Saga is a game made in a weekend for the Candyjam, where the goal was to make a game involving candies. And using the word candy, saga, edge, scroll etc a lot.

So we chose the special little red puppet, Mr Red, as our main protagonist in his quest to start his own business as a candyman, by invading the candy planet and killing everyone!


You shoot and aim with the mouse, get the money so you can purchase upgrades in the Candy Shop and try finding out what the big secret is!


It features a simulated realistic in-app purchase store where you can spend money in the game even though it’s free.


It has a Story mode with 25 levels of Candy Crushing mayhem.


And when you beat that you can head to the store and purchase the Endless mode, that never ends!


So you can gather enough money to buy the secret! And know the secret!


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  1. Gentlebullet says:

    Another adorable game. Actually fun to play unlike King’s titles. Good job y’all!

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