Something new to look at from Fran Bow!

Hello friends!

We wanted to show you some of the new environments and improvements we did to Fran Bow.

The screenshots can be found in our Steam site :

As you see in the new screenshots some new npc have been added, new places and almost 98% of the graphics have been done again.

We feel very happy with the game and how it’s coming along. We didn’t want to show you before, because we have been working and changing things all the time.

But now Part 1 and 2 of the game are 99% finished! And the 3rd part is growing for everyday!


walking on woods



We hope you enjoy the new things from the game!

Have a great week!

Killmonday games and Mr. Red

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  1. D. Bee says:

    Dear Fran Bow, this will be truly a remarkable game and having played games from the beginning of time (when loading a game sounded like a monster coming down a corridor in Silent Hill) feel qualified to say this. I hope you are able to produce this game on a disk eventually as I am NOT a steam fan. When I have found a gem it deserves to be held and cherished not downloaded. I would love a copy on DISK or I will forever be cheated from owning your art. Maybe if you are needing funding you can offer a disk and art cards etc to the people that are willing to back you as other game developers have done in the past. If this could be the case please email me and let me know so I can get a copy before others swoop in for the kill. xxxx

    1. killmonday says:

      Hi! We totally understand that, as I can still remember picking up the huge boxes that contained awesome games from shops, and felt like an era had died when digital downloads became more mainstream. We will try to produce as many hardcase copies as possible when it’s done, especially the collector’s edition, that will be buyable from our upcoming new website. And they’ll be unique too, since we can’t afford mass production!

      Best regards,

  2. feng says:

    l love this game, hope it more funny, a player from China

  3. Natalia Lumi says:

    Congratulations! I´m designer and i loved your game and art concept!
    I hope the whole game could be downloaded soon!

    Your fan from Brasil 🙂

  4. Haider khalid says:

    Great job, i acually liked it and i dont usually like 2D games but this one is phenomenal, but its sad in the end it really took over me when i knew she killed her parents, you must have a messed up mind to do such a deep game XD

    Your fan from iraq

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