Fran Bow released for Android!

Finally, the great heroine Fran is available on android! You can get all the chapters seperately from Google Play right now and share the word 🙂 We recommend you play it during the night, under your blanket, with headphones on.

It took us longer than expected and if you are a iOs user you will have to wait for a bit longer still, since we are waiting for a little software update and then it’s ready to go!

Fran Bow on Google Play!

In case you wonder why we chose to release the game in chapters, this is because we could reduce the amount of memory needed and make it more widely available for more players.

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  1. Killmonday fan says:

    Yeah!!! Your did it! I believed in your from the very beginnin and hell your did it! Although I did not doubt. Isak and Natalia your rock 😀 I have always believed in you, followed by updates. Congratulations! I’m will wait for more games from you.

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