Hello lovely!
We are very happy to announce our new game on the making!
DIFFERENT GALAXY! A story about Galaxy, a very young kitten who happens to be a scout!
And we will follow him into adventure! ( A lot of adventure!!!!)

The mechanics of the game are still in development and they might change according to the story, but at the stage we are today it will be a story driven adventure-hybrid.

We want to make a game that it feels complete in both story and game-play so we are very open to use all mechanics available! It is a bit soon to let you know about details, but we are so hyped that we couldn’t wait! :’D

When it comes to  development tools this time, Isak will be using “UNITY” to program the game so he is very hyped learning C#!!


And because it is in Unity, Natalia is all hyped to be able to give more life to the characters through idle animations and cut-scenes, because UNITY supports Natalia’s favorite animation tool “Anime Studio” The game will be in 2D all hand-drawn!

The story is completed and we are already working on game-play, programming and aesthetics.

(Work in progress)

If you want to follow the development of Different Galaxy, we have a facebook site!
Please share how many times you like! <3


Thank you for your time! 😀

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  1. Pavel says:

    That is really awesome) Your Fran Bow is the my personal choice of the year) Thank you)

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