Behind The Scenes of Fran Bow

The last development update video of Fran Bow! 

Do you also like to see the raw behind the scenes footage of cool movies, games, artists or anything you liked? Because we love those! Especially the ones where they show a normal average day of doing stuff, where we get to see behind the fancy curtains you normally see. Well, if you do, then you will love our last dev video, because it’s super long and very raw from the entire process of making Fran Bow!

This wasn’t planned though, because what we had planned while filming everything for the past years was to make a full awesome documentary where we get into the details of everything. We made a human error by choosing to trust all our video material to one single backup harddrive. By Murphy’s law, the harddrive had to completely die in silence the day we sat down to edit it all together. This led to a lot of drama in the apartment, but after the storm we got the idea of just getting everything we could find and placing them in one last video update, beginning from the start and ending at just a couple of days ago.

Watching it for ourselves, it also works as a reminder and a memory to where we came from and how we started out in game development, so it’s a very special video for us! It’s also the result of still not giving up, even if the crap hits your face with smelly underpants.
It will soon be 10 months after the release of our first big game Fran Bow and today we can almost feel like we are done with everything and can move on to the next project 100%. There are so many projects in mind now that it’s going to be a very exciting time ahead!

We hope you like the video! If not, that’s fine too, we still love you!

Thank you!!! <3

Behind the scenes, games.
Duration: 54 minutes 17seconds
Release year: 2016

Follow Natalia Figueroa and Isak Martinsson in this raw development video recorded from 2013 to 2016 while creating and releasing their first big game Fran Bow to the world.

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  1. It looks awesome 🙂 Best of luck! 😀

  2. Amazing documentary, it was so interesting seeing what you guys went through while making this game and the process of how the game was developed.
    My favorite part was when the proofreader parts were purposefully misspelled. 😛

  3. Tony Pham says:

    Look creepy as the game xD

  4. HELLO! Your company, created a COOL GAME!!! Fran Bow!!! Just dear God thank you!!! You have created, created the voice acting, created a fantastic, amazing, awesome dialogues, the cool quest what ever played!!! I recommended to all my friends and all of her friends have downloaded and rated 5 stars! I, on behalf of all who play and like your game (Fran Bow) urge!!!: PLEASE!!! CREATE THE SECOND PART OF THIS MASTERPIECE! NEW PUZZLES, NEW ADVENTURE, NEW DIALOGUES!!! WILL BE VERY HAPPY!!!

  5. Nicolas Bahamondes says:

    What can I say? It is the most interesting documentary ever seen following the development of a indie videogame. You both are an inspiration. People should not stop dreaming of a Plan B. You did it very good.

    I downloaded a copy of “Behind the Scenes”. Now I am wishing of translating the English SRT to Spanish. (Weekend task).

    (A note for Isak… awwww! You have a Chilean T-Shirt! I am from Chile, too 🙂 )

    1. Nicolas Bahamondes says:

      (rectify… delete the word “too” from my comment xD)

  6. GamerWolf says:

    Will Fran bow 2 come someday end was good story could continue

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