Different Galaxy and the secret game.

Hello sweetness!

It has been a while since latest update and to be honest, we have been working a lot and to manage blogs and videos sometimes can get too overwhelmning.
It’s fun though, to do all of it, but time doesn’t seem to stretch even how hard we try!

The lastest news are mainly that we are working on a secret project and that’s all we have to say about it, cuz it still secret. Top secret!
We did a tiny stop on development for Different Galaxy, since we realized that it will need a lot more time than we expected to be finished.

Different Galaxy has become something more juicy, beautiful and awesome than we anticipated.

We are so in love with the characters and the entire background story it’s just TOO cool!!!!! We really want to show all of it to you, but it will take a while.

Also, personally, it feels like we need to release another game! Experience for us is super important and it has been almost two years since Fran Bow release and it feels like we really want to release another baby… I mean game 😀

We LOVE making games and we really would like to experiment with something a bit smaller, but of course awesome.
So, our secret game it’s something that give us the freedom to experiment just in those bits where in Different Galaxy we feel a bit unexperienced.

The secret game it’s already halfways (omg omg omg) and the development is going smooth like melting butter through the fingers and we love it so much!
It’s really funny, personal and twisted.

Now that Different Galaxy is in some sort of development pause, we go back to the story and fix things that otherwise we could have missed. Distance really helps in this case!
It feels like we will be needing all kinds of help when we get into it again.  Our dream is to be done with our secret game, sell a lot of copies (like 3,766,776 copies)  and be able to hire passionate artists, animators and programmers to helps us with the awesome world of Different Galaxy.

I’m really looking forward to show you our secret game and to continue the journey with Different Galaxy!

Thank you all for your incredible sweet e-mails and constant support!


PS: Mr. Red sends you a hug from his vacation. Now traveling through Puppetlandia.
Also, we did a video! The second of our serie “Behind the Screen” .
Expect lots of silliness and our everyday randomness 😀

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  1. Benjamin says:

    I leave a reply

  2. A fan says:

    I was about to write something intelligent and coherent – but screw it

    *SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL* *FAINT* *WAKESUPAGAIN* omg *RABID* killmonday games i love you show me your baby i want to rub every pixel in my eye resonate every wave on my membranes inject your soul into my frontal lobe tripping with empathy!

  3. A fan says:

    Fran bow quickly became my favorite point & click adventure. Since I finished it I’ve been extremely excited to play other killmonday games. I’ll buy your secret game even if it doesn’t end up being something that appeals to me. I just want to support you so I can play another gem like fran bow.
    Seriously, I bought it 3 times. Once for me and for 2 friends as well.

  4. Mattias says:


    I loved Fran Bow, and can’t wait to see what you come up with next. Could you tell us as much as what it is you want to gain experince with, with this secret game? I mean, no details, but has it got to do with production value, or is it gameplay? I’m just curious as hell=)

    Anyway, a suggestion: In my opinion, it could be worth the financial risk to have Fran Bow translated to more languages. I understand that it is more complicated than what us outsiders to the game making world thinks, especially with a text heavy game like FB, but if it for example would just become a minor cult hit in japan, that would probably be great for you. (I picked Japan because I sense a Miyazaki influence on the game).

    Cheers from Uppsala

  5. Another fan says:

    OMG! Srlly guys, Fran Bow leave such a hole in my heart that I’m rlly eager to play any game you make ♡ Still waiting te release of your big gem, different galaxy, tho.
    Stay strong and determined of doing such a wonderfull work!
    Love and staff!!

  6. Deserea says:

    Hi!!! I loved Fran bow and I hope you’ll have more games coming out soon. I’m so excited for what you guys are making, Fran bow was so amazing I haven’t been able to find a game so creative and well designed.

  7. Hi!!! I loved Fran bow and I hope you’ll have more games coming out soon. I’m so excited for what you guys are making, Fran bow was so amazing I haven’t been able to find a game so creative and well designed.

  8. Jack says:

    I really hope Fran Bow made enough $ for you guys to build exactly what you want. Fran Bow is by far one of the most creative, interesting, and unique P&C games ever. There’s more adjectives I could add, but it was spectacular – I look forward to whatever you guys produce next.

  9. Sun with face says:

    Fun too see you posting again, looking forward too your games ! : )

  10. Isabel garcia says:

    Fran bow Became MY FAV GAME EVER! and now there relasing another game like it?? I loved Little mis fortune and fran bow BUT NOW I WILL HAVE 3 FAV GAMESSS

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