Behind the screen and 3D graphics

Hello friends!

Thank you for stopping by! We have some really nice things going on for us.
At the moment we are working 100% on the *secret game*. After finishing the alpha build we took a little vacation.  We are now back, preparing the beta build.
It’s gonna take a long while before is 100% finished but we are really excited and happy about the project itself.

Here’s the latest development video where we show a little bit of our everyday at work and personal life.

On our freetime, we are learning how to build worlds in 3D graphics with the dream of being able one day to create a video game in a 3D environment.

(Isak’s programming and modelling skills after 2 weeks of learning 3d with Unity3D and Blender3D)

(Natalia’s first 3D model to ever make)

We are having lots of fun creating and learning new things and we can’t wait to be able to share our work with you!!!
We hope you have a lovely day.

Natalia and Isak

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  1. A fan says:

    First you’re like “We want to make Fran Bow 2 but we want to blow your mind so we’ll make another game first to learn more”. Then you’re like “We want to get practice for Different Galaxy so we do a secret game first”. Then you’re like “Far Out, Three Dee Wohoooo” (loosely translated). All I can say is and I seriously admire and love you guys.

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