Fran Bow Merch available!

Hello sweet friends!

We opened the shop again, this time with some  sweet Fran Bow and Killmonday Games merchandise.
Some of the items are already sold out but please follow the page so each time we re-stock  you can get a message!

Let us know if you have any craving of Fran Bow or Little Misfortune merch, we might do it for you! <3 😀


Thank you for checking it out! <3

Have a lovely time,

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  1. Adrian says:

    Please let us know if those Fran Bow t-shirts are being made again, I just finished the story and it has been haunting me for weeks now. I absolutely adore the shirts in this post and am dying for one!

    1. killmonday says:

      Hi Adrian! We’ll be adding in a near future more t-shirts of Fran Bow, stay tuned!

  2. Maria says:

    Hello Kill Monday! I had an idea for your merch! What if you make Little Misfortunes diary for merch?

    Thank you!

  3. Jana says:

    I need a Killmonday logo shirt. 😍

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