Fran Bow available on EA Games Origin!

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I hope all is well with you.
This post is mainly about some recent news that has been quite a big deal for us at Killmonday Games.
A few months ago Killmonday partnered up with EA games and now Fran Bow is available on the Origin Store!
We asked Natalia and Isak a few questions about this whole process, and also if there are any news for Fran Bow in the future.

1. How did it feel when EA games first reached out to you and how has your experience been so far?

Natalia: At first we actually thought it was spam and we didn’t believe it. But then when the communication between the parts became almost daily, it felt real.
In the beginning we were a little unsure whether or not we should agree and take the step. The process involved a lot of paperwork,
Isak: We also felt a little anxious about the technical part.
Both: The whole experience has been really fun and we’ve learned a lot.
It was also a giant push for us to get age ratings for Fran Bow. We now can officially recommend the game for ages 16 and up! It feels nice.

2. It’s been 3 years since you released Fran Bow. What do you think still makes this game so interesting and unique?

Natalia: I’m guessing because it’s beautiful and funny and made with lots and lots of love. But who knows! We have been lucky! It might be also beause it raises a lot of questions,  and maybe makes people wonder and
seek answers. A lot of interest comes from our fans who share it with each other. That is something we have no control over.
I would say randomness or variables in time, play a big part in how it grew so big.

3. Many people wonder about if there will be a Fran Bow 2. What can you tell us about your plans on that so far?

Natalia: At the moment Fran Bow 2 is in pre-production and we can’t wait to share more with you. Hopefully early 2019 we can share some concept art. Stay tuned!

We’re looking forward to a bright a future for this quite dark game, and we hope you’ll be willing to follow us there!
A big thank you to everyone that has played and supported Fran Bow.

Available here:

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PS: Natalia and Isak send many hugs to you!

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