Hello everyone!

Time goes fast and we’re already in October! Which can only mean one thing, right?

Well, I guess it can mean a lot of things, but what I meant was of course INKTOBER!

This year Fran Bow decided to be part of it for the very first time and we’ve invited YOU to interpret five prompts themed Fran Bow, which will come out every Monday of October – starting today.

The very first prompt is “Valokas” – the mythical creatures from the Primeve Reality, where all is driven by energy and light.  We are very excited to see what you create from that!

We’d like to see you complete all five ideas so remember to keep an eye out for the following four Mondays of the month for the rest of the prompts, and tag your artworks with @killmondaygames and #inktoberfranbow. That way we can go through all that you send us, and out of all works of art we will pick out one winner!

The winner will be rewarded with some cute Killmonday Merchandise products seen above, plus an exclusive little surprise gift! (Which I think it could be really suitable for the one  with an interest in art.)

Oh, and you are free to create in whatever medium you prefer. Don’t be afraid to use some elements and ideas of your own: we love seeing varying interpretations which bring new perspectives to the same basic ground.  That’s the whole point, right?

I hope you have a lot of fun! And good luck ♥

Many Hugs,

Elsa (and the rest of the Killmonday Team)

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  1. Birn V says:

    This is so cool! Do we have to participate in all five prompts in order to be entered to win?

    1. killmonday says:

      Thank you! And yes, all prompt must be in at the end of October! 🙂

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