#inktoberfranbow “ITHERSTA” (2/5)

Happy monday sweethearts! ♥

We’re in the beginning of the second week in October, which means another prompt for #inktoberfranbow! If you missed the first one, go ahead and check out our last post.

The prompt of this week is “ITHERSTA” – a strange and beautiful place filled with unique and interesting characters. It’s quite a wide theme, and you can choose to be inspired by anything related to it: big to small. It’s completely up to you!

It’s been really nice so far to see your interest in the previous prompt you were given, and it’s always so fun to look at what you’ve created. Keep on going! ♥

Don’t forget you can win a little prize…

Tag your work with #inktoberfranbow and @killmondaygames. And have fun!

/See you next monday,


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