#inktoberfranbow “A MAGIC SPELL” 4/5

Happy monday sweet friends!

Hope you all are well ♥

#inktoberfranbow is proceeding towards it’s end with only two more prompts to go! 😮 You can do it! I believe in you!

The fourth prompt is “A Magic Spell”… Exacly what kind of magic spell we talk about here is up to you of course. How many can you find in the game?

Some spells open portals to other worlds. Others… chase away souls.

Magic is fun! Let’s see what you can conjure up with some pen and paper… or with any medium of your choice.

Tag your work with #inktoberfranbow, #inktober and @killmondaygames. When all five prompts are finished we will announce a winner and give away a prize! Stay tuned for that ♥

Good luck and now go create some magic!

Much love,



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