#inktoberfranbow “MABUKA” 5/5

October is coming to an end, and so is Inktober! The fifth and final prompt of #inktoberfranbow is “MABUKA”- ruler of the Fifth Realm.

Unlike the Valokas, the creatures of light which you drew in the beginning of the month, “Mabuka” is one of the darker characters in Fran Bow. With her red teary eyes and golden crown, she is the end of light. Sleeping peacefully, until you wake her up…

We’re very excited to see how you will portray her in your own creative way. And we’re also very excited to pick a winner! There are so many cool and unique participations that deserve it, so it will definitely be a big challenge for us.

The final deadline for all the five prompts is on this sunday, November 4.

Good luck! Looking forward to see what you all create for us the last week. ♥



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