Announcing #inktoberfranbow winner!

Hello friends!

So this year we came up with the idea to be part of #inktober, a challenge that comes up every year in Oktober where artists all over the world do one ink drawing a day the entire month. We wanted to make our own #inktoberfranbow challenge, only we made five prompts and let you do it in whatever medium you liked. The prompts were ”Valokas”, ”Ithersta”, ”The Asylum”, ”A magic spell”, and ”Mabuka”. We decided that it would be like a competition where we would pick one winner that had completed all five drawings, to which we would also give a prize.

The interest you showed for the challenge was amazing, and we felt very honored to see that. Your contributions have  inspired us a lot. We got to see so many different interpretations of Fran Bow and all of the characters and sceneries which was super cool.

So you see, it was really hard to choose a winner in the end. Among all the entries we managed to pick out three main favorites which we all think deserve to win.

Twitter user @BetkaJechu, for their beautiful and unique style.


Twitter user @senmalasen, which made this beautiful and dark watercolor paintings which inspired us a lot!


Instagram user @oybe_kiyet. She has decorated her bullet journal in a Fran Bow theme! That is such an amazing and creative idea! We all want a calender just like this one now.

All three of you will be given a little prize thanks to your amazing effort and talent, but as we promised: one winner will recieve something extra. And after some thought, we want to give the first prize to…







Your beautiful works of art truly inspired us and we are in love with you style! Congratulations! We will get in touch with you so that we can send you your prize. And also a super thank you to @BetkaJechu and @oybe_kiyet! We absolutely loved what you created and you will also be given a little something as thanks. ♥

Lastly we wanted to thank all of you who entered the competiton. As we’ve said, it has been really cool to see all that you’ve made. We hope to do more of this events in the future! It’s always nice to interact with you and see your interest and we hope you think so to.


Here’s a video of Natalia announcing the winner and also showing some more of the beautiful pieces of art that were part of the competition! 😁

And lastly…. You haven’t missed that the offical trailer for Little Misfortune will be released this sunday? November 11 (11.00 CET)! 💃💃💃

You can already now go to this link and chat with us 😮 We are so excited to share parts of the game to you that hasn’t been shown before. Hype!🌟


Hope you all are well. Until we see you next time,  take care 🍁



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