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Hi there cute people!

We hope all is well with you.

The last weeks have been quite tough and there has been lots of things to do. We had estimated that the beta would be done by 1st of March, but sadly we realized there still were many details left to be fixed. That often seem to happen: you think you are done and then you realize, you actually are not. However we feel sure we will get to the finish line eventually and we are not too far away now.

Misfortune strolling down the sidewalk, like the little lady she is.

We are really grateful for your support and your engagement in Little Misfortune. Just recently we hit 10 000+ wishlists on Steam. How cool! We are super excited to show it to you. You can wishlist it here.

Today we released the ninth video update of our journey towards the beta version for Little Misfortune. This week we have been focusing on polishing the game, animating characters and environment, and also working on the final menu and UI elements. It’s looking super cool! And the game looks pretty much finished by now. It’s all about the details! And killing bugs, of course.

The latest beta update Nr. 9.

Since we last wrote here Isak has finished the entire soundtrack for Little Misfortune: 40 songs, 53 minutes! It has also gone through mixing and mastering which Johannes Ahlberg has been taken care of. Music really gives that atmospheric feeling to the game that we have been looking for. So far we have shared three music teasers that might give you a little hint of the sound, and you find the latest below. It’s called ”Silent fields of Openfields” and might give you an insight into the mystical and quiet place called Openfields where our story unfolds.

So, the last weeks in our cozy little Killmonday Studio in the middle of the wintry town of Hedemora has been intense and a little dramatic. Nothing to worry about, that’s just the process of game development!

Our goal is to finish the beta next week, so that we can head straight into beta testing after that. And as soon as the beta is done, we will also announce the release date, so stay tuned for that!

Thank you again for being around. You are the best super awesome friends ever. Have a lovely time and until we see you again, take care!

Misfortune wishes you many hugs and kisses, too.

Love and hugs,

/The Killmonday Team

Oh, and here’s the list of all the previous beta videos, in case if you have missed them:

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