Let’s art! #Inktoberkillmonday

Hello sweet friends! ✌😉

October is here and it’s time to celebrate creativity! 🤩 So we are super happy to be hosting our second #inktoberkillmonday! Yay! 👻🎃🧛‍♀️

3 winners will be chosen at the end of October. The winners will get:
1. Fran Bow Collector’s Edition.
2. Little Misfortune Steam Key.
3. Fran Bow embroidered bag.
4. Fran Bow enamel pin.
5. Little Misfortune 3-Pack Prints.
6. Fran and Misfortune Stickers.

The prize value is 130 USD ✨ Fancyyyyyy!

The Rules!

During the entire month of October, we will be revealing 5 prompts total. You can find them every Monday on our social medias.


All art pieces must follow the prompts and be inspired by our games.

You have to upload your art to Twitter or Instagram or Facebook or Tumblr, with hashtag #inktoberkillmonday #inktober2019.

3. The art can be produced in traditional or digital way. You can use color or ink. You decide.

5. All 5 prompts must be uploaded before the 1st of November.

1. Friendship


And with one of our most important goals in our games, to celebrate friendship; we start INKTOBER KILLMONDAY 2019! 🎉🙌

We are super excited to get to see your creations!

2. Guilt and fear


“I still don’t know many things… But one thing I do know. That between guilt and fear, I choose happiness.” – Fran Bow.

We continue INKTOBER KILLMONDAY with a bit darker theme that is brought up in our games. How do you interpret it?

Good luck with your creations! ✨

3. Happiness


It’s time for the 3rd prompt out of 5! The theme for this week is happiness 🌈

Have fun creating!

3 winners will be announced on November 2nd!

We hope you have a happy fun time!

Much love,

Killmonday Team.

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