Mobile version delayed due to technical catastrophe

Hello friends!
Here we bring some poo-poo news.
The mobile version of Little Misfortune (Android and iPhone) was meant to be released in October and we were actually very close to deliver back then, but then something happened.

A few years ago, iPhone had done a design change on their screen, the Iphone Notch. Not so long ago, we started to develop Little Misfortune for mobiles, not being aware of this design change… BIG MISTAKE.
Please, if you plan on making your game into mobiles, do yourself a favor and check every year all new devices that come out and what they offer…😁✌ because we didn’t and now we are wasting lots of time!

Changes to fit the notch

We have been fixing the issue that came with the iPhone design through changing our design to fit the notch. This means that we got to change cameras and UI placement and even draw some backgrounds that were too short to fit the notch.
This requires a lot of time, since after every change, we need to test and fix new bugs that appears with these changes.
But yes, we have been learning a lot! This really was a very good experience to gain.

We have been so deep into this issue that we haven’t even realized how fast time is passing us by! But the good thing is that we are seeing the end of it.

Stay tuned to our social media for more information for the mobile version of Little Misfortune! Which we hoooooooooooope can deliver soon.

We send you many hugs and thank you so much for being around!
Have a wonderful rest of the week!

Much love,

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