Say hi to our MERCH NEWCOMERS!

Hello sweet darling friends! 💗 Hope you all have an amazing time wherever you are in the world.

If you are following us on our social medias (which we assume you are, otherwise, take a look at the top right corner 😉) you may have noticed that we recently launched a lot of new stuff in our shop:

We have both Little Misfortune and Fran Bow merchandise, and everything is designed with care and thought. We are really proud of everything this time, so we definitely recommend you go take a look!

Fancy T-shirts

We have 3 different Little Misfortune T-Shirts which all have been ethically and sustainably produced. All are made from 100% organic cotton. Fancy, huh? We think so! ✨

Our lady Misfortune always finds the right words for every mood. This sweet T-shirt is part of our “Deluxe” Collection. It comes with a little custom designed loop label and neck label!
Our favorite duo Misfortune and Benjamin are the main stars of this sweet and dreamy shirt.
You may think this bird is a little rude. But it’s just done with all dis shittius. If you can relate, this shirt might just be the right for you. Just try to not offend anyone. 😉

Snuggly Mugs

May we offer something sweet and snuggly to drink your favorite drink from? We have one design for Little Misfortune which comes in 2 different colors, and also one Palontras Mug!

  • The Little Misfortune Mug. [LINK]
Choose between pink and black for the handle and the inside of the mug!
The classic Palontras mug returns again! Now in an upgraded look with soft pink handle and inside ❤

Sparkly Stickers

  • The Cute & Creepy sticker family. [LINK]
Features Misfortune, Benjamin, Hiro, Lil’ Cutie (the sweet puppy) and Morgo. Stick ’em on to anything you fancy!
  • The Little Misfortune Sticker Sheet. [LINK]
Characters, details and phrases from Little Misfortune Game – ready to add to your sticker collection.

Extra fancy fine art prints

At the moment we have one Fran Bow print and one Little Misfortune print available in our shop, which are part of the 1st Edition of fine art prints. Both are printed on fine art paper “German Etchings 310 gr”, and signed by the artist Natalia Martinsson!

Fran Bow with friends.
  • The Little Misfortune Print. [LINK]
Little Misfortune Key Art Motive.
Can you feel this texture? So pretty. So yummy. So fancy. 😍

You can also download the digital Little Misfortune Artbook, 5 different Little Misfortune Wallpapers and 4 Little Misfortune Coloring Sheets to spark your creativity. ✨

You find all this plus some more sweet things in our shop, here.

That was all we had to say for this time! We would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has ordered something from our shop, it means a lot! We hope all of you will be happy with your orders ❤ And to everyone else, THANK YOU for following us, supporting us, spreading our work, giving us sweet comments etc. We are so grateful for each one of you! 🌈

Until we see you again, have a wonderful time!


Killmonday Team.

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