Hello darlings, and happy Tuesday! 💃

We just wanted to announce that we released a new video on our Youtube channel, featuring the super awesome art of origami.

The guide and the steps shown in the video were created by the wonderful origami artist Kanoko9!

We got to collab with the amazing origami artist Kanoko9 (Ayaka Akasu) who shared with us the tutorial which Natalia follows in the video. You can check out the lovely work of Kanoko9 on her website, twitter and flickr.

We’re happy to say that the collab goes beyond this video. Kanoko9 is having an exhibiton where she’ll showchase her works, among which one is her design of Little Misfortune. That’s so cool! The location for the exhibition is Kasama Library, Kasama city, Japan, and it goes on between 2020.2.28 – 3.24. We really wish we could be there to see!

Origami showed to be quite tricky, but once you get a hand of it it’s really pleasant to fold, unfold, squash fold… And even though some drama couldn’t help but occur, the result ended up so cute!

Sha-daaaaaan! First time trying origami, and pretty happy with the result! ❤

We’re curious to see how you tackle the challenge – check out the video below and share with us your little origami lady! ❤

Have a lovely continuation of the week and we’ll see you soon!

Much love,

Killmonday Team.

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