Little Misfortune Coming To MOBILES!


The day is here. We have been looking forward to releasing Little Misfortune on iOS and Android for such a long time… and now we can finally announce: we have a RELEASE DATE!


If you have been following us for a while, you may know that we have endured a lot of technical isssues while porting Little Misfortune to mobiles, and especially when porting to iOS. This is why the release had to be postponed far later than we had expected.

When we started porting the game to iOS, we learned that Apple had introduced a new type of screen to their newer phones. This new type of screen included what they call a “Notch” on the top of the phone. With this design came new requirements on how apps and games must be presented, and Little Misfortune wasn’t ready for that kind of change.

This meant that we had to go through each camera in-game and make it work with the new aspect ratio as well as the guidelines regarding the Notch. And with that came a lot of new testing time.

The other problem we had was the video playback. On high-end phones the videos worked well but even then some phones would just not play the videos properly, or the sound would lag. We decided to remake the videos entirely through Unity and Still Images so that everyone could experience the videos as we wanted.

What we learned from this is that we need to stay up to date with all the new shiny things happening on the technology side, so that we won’t be surprised when we start porting a game to another platform. Technology evolves really quickly nowadays, and it can be a challenge keeping up with it!

In the end, we are super happy that we managed to make Little Misfortune compatible with mobiles, and we hope you will like it.

You can watch the trailer down below!

The game will be available on App Store and Google Play and the price will be 7,99 £ / 6.99 $. However, as the price adjusts to the country’s economical situation, the price may be cheaper in some countries

Ready to play?

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