👻Easter Giveaway🐰

Hello sweeties and Happy Easter! ✨

To celebrate Easter this year Killmonday Games introduce Estera Kamala.

Estera Kamala is a celebration of CHAOS. 💀💥 Where Kamala’s have the power to travel between realities, to cause the chaos needed for growth.  The Estera Kamala is an event that happens during easter weekend in the Fourth reality (Senersedee). 💀🌟

During the Estera Kamala, special-looking Kamala’s are appearing for everyone to see. They take on the special appearance of The Estera Kamala. The Estera Kamala is a shape of Kamala that looks like a creepy easter bunny. 🐰👻
This is where Itward got his fear of bunnies!

This year the Estera Kamala brings a special giveaway where you have a chance to win game keys to both Fran Bow and Little Misfortune. 🎁🎀✨

The giveaway has ended and you can find the winners down below 👇

🐇How do you participate?!

You can participate from the 30th of March to the 12th of April
And the winners will be announced on the 12th of April 

This giveaway is WORLDWIDE! 🌍
Everyone can be part of it!!! 💖🌟

👻How to enter:

  • Go to the Giveaway post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr.
  • Leave a comment answering this question: What’s your favorite candy or snacks that you would like to receive in your easter egg?🍬🍏🍫  
  • Follow @Killmondaygames on the platform you entered the giveaway.

    👉 If you leave a comment on the giveaway post on Instagram, you will need to follow us on Instagram.
    👉 If you leave a comment on the giveaway post on Twitter you will need to follow us on Twitter. 

👻The Prize:

On the 12th of April, 5 winners will be announced.

The Prize is:
-> Little Misfortune game key (PC, Steam) View the game on Steam.
-> Fran Bow game key (PC, Steam) View the game on Steam

👻The Winners:

The winners of the Easter Giveaway, Estera Kamala has its eyes on you! 👻🐰

Congratulations! 🎉🎈
🍬Whitney Kortenbusch, Facebook
🍫lily98625509, Twitter
🍪Twisted_Stripez, Twitter
🍩solyanka4, Instagram
🍭Lumamay, Tumblr

Thank you all that participated in the giveaway!  💖You guys really have a sweet tooth! 🍬🍭
Be sure to watch out for the Estera Kamala! 👻 And don’t be upset if you didn’t win this time. There will be more giveaways in the future! ✨💗

💙 Follow our social media to stay updated when the new giveaways and challenges are coming up!

Thank you for playing with us!💕

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