Art Challenge – Postcard edition

Hello sweeties! βœ¨πŸ’•
As you guys probably know we have a merch shop with a lot of awesome products from our two games Fran Bow and Little Misfortune.  With every order from our shop, you get a free limited postcard with a handwritten personal message. πŸ“œ

Now it’s your turn to create our next limited postcard and delight many fans with your art! βœ‰πŸ“―

πŸ’œ How do you participate?!

You could submit your art from 29th of April – 13th of May
And the winners were announced on the 20th of May, Watch the announcement videoΒ here.

This giveaway is WORLDWIDE! 🌍
Everyone can be part of it!!! πŸ’–πŸŒŸ

πŸ’™How to enter:
πŸ‘‰ Make a fanart (digital or traditionally) inspired by the Killmonday games universe! 🎨
πŸ‘‰ Make sure NOT to include other fandoms or games in your art.
πŸ‘‰ The art should be in a size of A6 (4-β…› x 5-β…ž inches or 105 x 148 mm) in .jpeg format.  
πŸ‘‰ The art should be submitted to the mail:
πŸ‘‰ Make sure to include your name or artist name in the mail!
πŸ‘‰ Avoid adding your signature in the drawing. We’ll print your name or signature in the back instead. 
πŸ‘‰ To be able to win you need to go to the giveaway post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr. And Retweet / Share the giveaway post.
πŸ‘‰ Include in the mail which platform you shared the post with and your username on the same platform.

βœ… It’s allowed to share your submitted art on social media before the challenge has ended.
βœ…If you wish you can enter the challenge with multiple drawings/art.

On the 20th of May, 3 winners will be announced.

The winners of this challenge will have their art printed on a postcard in a limited amount. 
The artist’s name will be featured on the postcard credits as well!

The winners will also receive:
πŸ’Ž 10 copies of your postcard to share with friends and family!
πŸ’Ž 60 Euro gift card to spend in the shop!

πŸ’™ Follow our social media to stay updated when the winners are announced.

SHOW US WHAT YOU GOT! βœπŸ±β€πŸš€

πŸ’œ The Winners:

Natalia Grombovets

🎬Check out the announcement video to see the other amazing entries.πŸ‘‡

Thank you all who participated! The entries were unbelievable! πŸ’—βœ¨

Thank you for playing with us!πŸ’•

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