The beginning of Killmonday Games:

In late 2012, Killmonday Games was started by the super creative married duo Natalia Martinsson and Isak Martinsson living in Sweden. They both came from a background of working with short films, animations and music videos and had been doing that for a couple of years before going in to game development. Natalia Martinsson is a professional illustrator and animator with a huge passion for characters and writing. Isak Martinsson is a composer and programmer, and is also writing for the games they create.

Crowdfunding their first game:

2013 was the greatest year for Killmonday Games. They had been working part time on their first game, Fran Bow, while Isak worked in construction and Natalia had just completed an animation project contract and was out of a job.

One night they saw the awesome documentary called Indie game the movie and at the same time learned about crowdfunding, so they decided to try it out with Fran Bow. It got funded! This meant Isak could quit his dayjob and they could start working on the game full time.

Releasing Fran Bow:

By the end of 2015, the game was complete. Fran Bow had been greenlit to be released on Steam. It had taken much more time than anticipated and Killmonday Games were out of money. The sales of the game was crucial for them to be able to continue their passion for game developing, but nothing was sure. Luckily, Fran Bow was one of the most succesful point and click adventures in many years and quickly grew a very strong and loving community around it.

The future of Killmonday Games:

Killmonday Games dream to make games with personal stories attached to them, creating immersive worlds filled with mystery, feelings and fun. The biggest focus lies in the storytelling and making a personal connection to the players and the game.

Currently they are working on a *secret game*, and a new epic adventure game called Different Galaxy and they have plans to create a new Fran Bow in the future.