👻Easter Giveaway🐰

Hello sweeties and Happy Easter! ✨ To celebrate Easter this year Killmonday Games introduce Estera Kamala. Estera Kamala is a celebration of CHAOS. 💀💥 Where Kamala’s have the power to travel between realities, to cause the chaos needed for growth.  The Estera Kamala is an event that happens during easter weekend in the Fourth reality…

Charity Livestream

We did a charity Livestream to support the organization Suicide Zero. Our goal was to raise a total of 10.000 SEK But in the end, we raised a total of 14.298 SEK!!! 🧠💖Check the fundraiser here. The Livestream was at 17:00 CET on the 18th of December 2020! You can still watch it beforehand here….